DA welcomes Mayor Jaquet’s 100-day plan for Prince Albert

26 Oct 2022 in Where We Govern

The DA in Prince Albert is very excited about the newly-elected Executive Mayor, Linda Jaquet’s 100-day plan for Prince Albert, announced at a Special Council Meeting on 27 September 2022.

The plan, of no less than 27 projects, is citizen-centered and aims to improve and develop each department’s operations to ensure that residents in every town within the greater municipal area receive efficient services.

In terms of the Municipal Council, the Mayor undertook to do the following:

  • Sign performance agreements with the Speaker, Deputy Mayor and Chairperson of MPAC. She will sign her agreement with the Chairperson of the Audit Committee;
  • Hold Mayoral Open Days once a month from November;
  • Improve communication, starting with the Municipality’s website and social media pages; and
  • Appoint a Municipal Manager.

In terms of Administration:

  • Continue to fix the billing system;
  • With the help of the Western Cape Government, use technology to respond faster to residents’ queries and complaints, and work smarter and more effectively;
  • With the help of the Provincial Government finalise the town’s Zoning Scheme Maps and Bylaw and start to address land use which has been neglected for several years;
  • Each department must develop Standard Operating Procedures; and
  • Complete the surveying of the Transnet-owned settlement of Newton Park at Leeu-Gamka to enable transfer of ownership to the Municipality.

In terms of Community Safety:

  • Engage with the City of Cape Town to train law enforcement officials;
  • Tackle illegal dumping and vandalism;
  • Instal streetlights in dark, unsafe areas and electrify the informal settlement on Tortelduif Street;
  • Review Community Safety Plans so that they cover the communities’ needs and priorities;
  • Launch the Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC);
  • Working with the Minister of Social Development, Sharna Fernandez, train GBV ward committee ambassadors and open the trauma room at SAPS in Prince Albert by the middle of December;
  • In partnership with community and faith-based organisations and local business develop a plan to turn “Die Dam” at the northern entrance to Prince Albert into a safe, attractive space;
  • Build a pavement on Odendaal Street – the project will be done inhouse; and
  • Closely monitor pothole repair schedule.

In terms of Environment & Climate Resilience:

  • Special cleaning operations in each town;
  • Proper management of landfill sites and introduce recycling in each town;
  • Drought-readiness plan by mid-November and wage a war on water leaks;
  • Work with local schools and businesses to turn the green wall at the northern entrance to Prince Albert into an artwork; and
  • Engage the Western Cape Department of Agriculture on food security projects.

In terms of Economic Development:

  • Promote private development of the Prince Albert airfield;
  • Support the #Us4Us community festival on 29 October;
  • Meet with the hospitality and business sectors around the Journey to Jazz Prince Albert international jazz festival before the end of December; and
  • Press Eskom to connect electricity to Municipal facilities at Klaarstroom and Leeu-Gamka.

With Mayor Jaquet’s commitment and determination reflected in her 100-day plan, we know that this DA-run municipality can become a beacon of hope, not only for Prince Albert and its residents, but also for the whole of the Central Karoo.