DA welcomes City of Cape Town ranking among most climate proactive cities in the world

23 Nov 2022 in Where We Govern

The DA in the Western Cape welcomes the announcement that the City of Cape Town has received an A-grade from international environmental impact NPO, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The City is among only 43 cities worldwide, out of 596 that have been scored, to have received the highest grade from the CDP. The scoring took into account how sub-national city governments manage, measure and address greenhouse emissions, as well as other climate-related risks such as water security.

Climate change is a real and present threat to our ability to sustain life on this planet, yet too many government commitments on addressing the issue proactively are nothing more than lip service.

Our own National Government has yet to put into action a comprehensive, forward-thinking climate change policy, despite making international commitments. South Africa’s current national climate change policy is rated as insufficient by independent scientific analysis NPO, Climate Action Tracker. That is a far cry from being at the forefront of climate action, which only serves to make the City’s achievement even more remarkable.

MPP Andricus van der Westhuizen said, “The DA government in the City of Cape Town is making sure their policy follows the facts, one of the central values of our party. The City has a comprehensive plan in place to protect the environment and guide the transition to a greener economy through its Climate Change Action Plan.

As one of only two cities in Africa to achieve this high grade, it is clear to see that DA governance looks not only to address immediate concerns, but also to ensure a sustainable environment for the next generation.”