Hands off Tshwane

Understanding the current situation in Tshwane

After months of politically motivated, divisive propaganda at odds with what’s best for the people of Tshwane, the DA-led City of Tshwane was recently put under administration. This is, however, clearly an attempt by the opposition to regain power through the back door.

The fact that a former ANC mayor has been appointed to head Tshwane at this time, as the administrator, shows that this is nothing more than an ANC power grab in the City.

We must stop this undemocratic, unlawful act by the ANC. When the ANC loses elections, it cannot then resort to illegal means to regain power.

All we want is for democracy, legality and fairness to prevail so that we can keep making progress in Tshwane and keep improving the City. It must be about the interests of residents, service delivery, clean government and economic growth – not about power for power’s sake, at all illegal costs.


This matter is in court!

The matter was heard in court on 24 March 2020 and we are confident that this politically motivated administration will be set aside. Judgement will be sent out electronically by the Court, in the interest of time.  

The DA-led City of Tshwane Government is one of only two municipalities in Gauteng that are now financially stable (both of these stable cities are led by the DA), and we have countless initiatives at work to make service delivery in our nation’s capital better and better.

The opposition’s act of political manoeuvring that has placed an altogether well-run municipality under administration will be fought with the full might of the law, for the preservation of our democracy and in defence of our democratic processes!

The act of placing the City under administration like this also sets a dangerous precedent where municipalities that do not have an outright majority will be forced to go to elections every 90 days if parties do not agree in council.

Forcing the City of Tshwane to host elections is especially dangerous given the current national emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic because hosting gatherings of people encourages the chain of infection, and puts the elderly and those with underlying health issues in grave danger!

Please join us in this principled fight to protect our democracy, and our nation.

We have taken this to court and we strongly believe that we will win!


Some of DA-led Tshwane’s successes in government

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