Have you been affected by the violent looting and unrest in KZN or Gauteng?

Find out more about how to file for damages and keep your community safe.

How to file for damages

We urge members of the public who have suffered loss and damage due to the inaction of the South African Police Service (SAPS) during the riots that caused wide-scale devastation to businesses in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, to complete this letter and submit it to SAPS and the President.

Find the letter template here.

How to keep your community safe

Here are some tips for staying safe at this difficult time:

  • Remain vigilant but do not panic
  • Reach out to security networks in your neighbourhood for updates
  • Work with your community to have a plan for emergencies
  • Have contact numbers of neighbours and emergency services
  • Prepare an emergency evacuation kit
  • Keep vehicles filled up with fuel
  • Make sure you have phones and lights charged
  • Data and airtime
  • Water containers filled
  • Stock of essential supplies
  • The more eyes at neighbourhood roadblocks the better
  • Report suspicious activity to the authorities or private security companies
  • Do not take the law into your own hands or engage in any form of vigilantism