Let’s disrupt cable theft in Merafong- we need your help

The DA in Merafong is encouraging community members to join our campaign to disrupt the rampant cable theft in our towns.

It is concerning that municipal officials are reluctant to report cable theft to the police so that dockets can be opened, and investigated.

The only way in which we can curb cable theft and vandalism in the area is for anyone who witnessess cable theft to report every single incident to the police.

Recently, the DA in Merafong held a very fruitful and collaborative meeting with senior SAPS members in Carletonville. We learnt the following critical facts:

  • Timing is crucial, especially for the theft of copper cables. It is vital to make a formal report immediately after such a theft becomes known. If a resident waits to report such theft cases, investigations yield very little. This is because the movement of these goods through the criminal value chain is extremely fast. It is vital to put the police in a position to strike as soon as possible.
  • Putting a message or a photo on a community Whatsapp group is not good enough to report a crime. The community needs to report the matter either by calling the police station on 018 787 9316 or 9317 and getting a reference number, or better yet by visiting the SAPS and reporting the matter in person. The SAPS have advised that, especially after 18h00, the SAPS community service centres are quiet and the process will be simple and effective.
  • The long queue in front of the police station in Gold Street is not a public queue. Residents who wish to report a crime may proceed straight inside and do not have to queue outside.
  • It is a legal requirement that the owners of the stolen infrastructure make a statement to the police. This is where the DA in Merafong will facilitate a process with the Mayor and the Municipal Manager so that a statement is made every time an incident is reported.
  • Once a resident has obtained a case or reference number, the DA in Merafong will track the case, in collaboration with the SAPS. We will assist in building a database of cases and will give regular feedback to communities on social media, web platforms and our various community WhatsApp groups.

Ultimately, the police must investigate and prevent crime – but every community member can take steps to help the police.

If you have reported cable theft, please send us the reference/case number here, and we will track the case investigation.

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