Register to vote in Metsimaholo

Why are there elections in Metsimaholo?

The Metsimaholo Municipality has been dissolved.

The Municipality was placed under administration after the MCA (Metsimaholo Community Association) pulled out of the governing coalition, sold out to the ANC, and replaced DA MMCs with ANC councillors.

The ANC then tried to push through a budget that would not benefit the people, which the DA were not willing to pass. These DA councillors put their jobs on the line to stand their ground and put the people of Metsimaholo first.

As a result, an election for a new government must take place on 29 November 2017.

You can only vote if you are correctly registered

If you are not registered or are incorrectly registered, visit your nearest voting station on 7 or 8 October between 08h00 and 17h00. Simply bring your green barcoded, smart or temporary ID.

To check, SMS your ID number to 32810 or call the DA office on 016 973 3438.