Linda Jaquet

Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Linda Jaquet lives by the motto of doing everything with integrity, humility and to the best of your ability.

Growing up outside Durban, Linda matriculated from Durban Girls’ High School. She went on to get a BA (Hons) in Political Science and International Relations at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban). Studying further at Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada and at Stellenbosch University.

Working as a public servant for 23 years, Linda felt it was inappropriate to be closely associated with a specific political party. And, again, as editor of the Prince Albert Friend community newspaper. It was only in 2014 that Linda felt that she could join the DA and she did so as an activist during the national and provincial elections that year.

Her political career kicked off officially when, in November 2014, she was elected chair of her ward. With the resignation of a PR councillor, she was persuaded to put her name forward and take his place.

For Linda, it is very important to be an active citizen. Volunteering in several community-based projects such as BeadkidZ Prince Albert, the CPF, Pick-a-Piece recycling project for children, Badisa, Prince Albert Dieresorg (PADS) and the Prince Albert Friend community newspaper, getting involved in politics was a natural progression. Linda sees political participation as a way of making a contribution to the town where she lives.

The Deputy Mayor is happily married and pleasantly surprised to also be a granny to Kate and Ben; and a proud aunt to Hannah and Tim. In the tranquil Karoo, Linda spends her spare time reading, cycling, gardening and taking photos.

Linda envisions Prince Albert Municipal area as a caring and safe place for all who live in it. A place that provides efficient, professional services to all – one where people have a sense of hope about the future.