Privacy Complaint

Do you have a privacy complaint or POPI complaint?

Complain about spam calls and messages

If you have a complaint about receiving unwanted electronic marketing (or spam), for example via telephone, email or SMS – complain or report it here.

Complain about how your personal information was processed

If you have a complaint about the way our organisation has processed your personal information – complain here. For example, if they:

  • hold information about you that’s wrong,
  • held it for too long,
  • lost it or failed to secure it,
  • transferred it across a border,
  • gave it to someone else,
  • used it for a purpose other than the one you gave it to them for.

Complain about accessing information (PAIA)

If you have a complaint about accessing information – whether it’s information:

  • someone else has accessed about you, or
  • information you’ve asked for from a public or private body

complain here.

Concerns about cookies

If you’re concerned about the use of cookies on a website – complain or report it here.