Protect your pension from being used in an Eskom bailout

Government is threatening to use your pension to bail out Eskom!


The DA will not stand for this

Eskom is a hopeless cause and no amount of funding can save this failing entity.


We must resist this together


A pension bailout would affect South Africans of all walks of life – CEOs, public servants and workers alike. The scary thing is that unions like SADTU, which should represent workers, are failing dismally by not protecting their members from a mad idea!


We will fight this with the full might of the law


We are consulting our lawyers and will do everything in our power to stop this from happening – even if we have to go to the highest court in the land! 


We encourage all civil servants to make their voices heard

For civil servants, the ANC-government, led by COSATU, is proposing to take 7% of civil servant retirement savings to fund a R250-billion Eskom bailout. Without permission.

This threatens the pensions of every civil servant in South Africa who is a member of the Government Employees Pension Fund, and it will only get worse.

If you are a member of this fund, please join us in strongly opposing this proposal so that we can protect your pension from being taken: