Stop the ANC’s continuing attempts to capture uMngeni!

There is still one hurdle to overcome! After failing to merge uMngeni with ANC-run municipalities last year, the ANC is now attempting to merge parts of the greater Dargle with Impendle Local Municipality.

Together we can stop this! Download the objection form now and send it to before Saturday, 10 February, copying in in case there must be a legal challenge.

Last year, the Municipal Demarcations Board (MDB) rejected the application to merge the uMngeni Municipality with the Impendle and Mpofana Municipalities. However, there is still one hurdle to overcome.

The MDB is still proposing that we separate the Dargle area (Dargle Primary VD and Silindele VD) and place them under the Impendle Municipality. This would mean that a large part of the central Midlands would be removed from the uMngeni Municipality.

It is now time to fight for our farming and tourism communities out in the Dargle and Fort Nottingham area and support them to remain part of uMngeni.

Download the objection form now and send it to before Saturday, 10 February, copying in in case there must be a legal challenge.

Fill out the objection form using the suggested reasons, but please use your own words to avoid your objection being rejected.

Reasons to object:

  1. Approximately 10 000 submissions were received by the Municipal Demarcations Board (MBD) objecting to this proposal initially. These objections have clearly been ignored. This means that the voice of the people who took time participate in the process have not been heard.
  2. The broader Dargle area is located far from the Impendle town centre which is not easily accessible. The closest service centre is Howick under the uMngeni Local Municipality.
  3. There is no geographic motivation that would necessitate the area being separated from uMngeni and incorporated into Impendle.
  4. Those utilising public transport must first travel to Howick before getting on another taxi to Impendle. This means that some people will have to take up to 3 taxis before reaching the Impendle Municipality. This will cost low-income earners a huge amount. Existing and expected land and transport use are significantly different making full economic integration a difficult challenge to meet if the proposed mergers take place
  5. The Howick Police Station currently services the Dargle area because it is largely inaccessible from Impendle municipality.
  6. The Impendle municipality does not have enough funding to service this area. Analysis of their budget indicates that the municipality has enough funds to pay salaries and Eskom. There are no further funds to service outer lying and underdeveloped areas. Ultimately the residents and businesses will suffer because the Impendle municipality cannot provide any assistance.
  7. The Impendle area is largely made up of land under traditional authority while the Dargle area is largely formal farm land. There are a number of issues relating to land reform, and relationships between farmers, farm workers and land tenants. These issues are familiar to the uMngeni Municipality who is able to assist with mediation, service provision and other assistance. Relocating the areas to Impendle will deprive these communities of the assistance that they have been receiving.
  8. The changes seek to join vastly different, ranging from deep rural to intense farmland and tourism, and are therefore poorly integrated for the proposed changes.
  9. The proposed area to be removed from uMngeni has strong economic linages to the Howick and Midlands area (all under uMngeni Municipality). This includes tourism and agriculture. The area is economically homogenous and interconnected. Splitting the economy from its market and service support will negatively affect residents and businesses.

Download the objection form now and send it to before Saturday, 10 February, copying in in case we need to make a legal challenge.