Getting to know Francois Berry

Your DA candidate, Francois Berry, has been a proud resident of Cape Town for the past 9 years.

He started his career at the Oudtshoorn Municipality in the Special Housing Projects department. He then joined the DA as a Community Operations Manager.

He is currently the DA Metro Regional Manager. He enjoys camping, reading, hiking and having a braai.

“I have aspirations to change the current state of South Africa and influence the course of Government that will be for the benefit of all South Africans. I am willing to make the personal sacrifices to achieve that dream and make it a reality.” – Francois Berry

 Why vote again?

On 29 May 2024, you voted for your national and provincial government representatives.

On 19 June, you will vote for a Ward Councillor who will represent your Ward in the local council.

The local government is responsible for service delivery in the Ward where you live.

Vote DA on 19 June to ensure that a DA Ward Councillor is elected who will make sure you get the services you deserve and have a right to receive.

Francois Berry is a candidate for all the people of Ward 105 Cape Town