Getting to know Jacky Basson

Your DA candidate Jacky, is a proud resident of Klerksdorp.

She has been the Ward 16 Committee Secretary since 2021 and DA Constituency Secretary since March 2023. She is active in the ward and on the ground. She has contributed to repairing numerous potholes, water leaks, electrical faults and sewerage problems. She is married and has two children, Armand and Hunter. She enjoys camping and reading.

 “If I want to see change, I must be the change. What example am I leaving for my children, they need to see that life is hard and that there are challenges, but that we can overcome them and make South Africa beautiful for everyone.” 

– Jackie Basson, Ward 16 DA candidate.


My priority is service delivery:

  • Pipe bursts are a big problem in our ward. I will be the first person on the scene and report them immediately. I will arrange for water tankers where needed.
  • I have a service delivery WhatsApp group where I send information and updates regularly.
  • I will continue to make use of this group to keep all our residents up to date with happenings in our ward.
  • I will visit our local clinic to ensure that they assist our elderly residents with their medication.
  • I will always be available to listen to our residents and assist them to the best of my abilities.

Together we can make a positive impact in our community.

A candidate for all residents of Ward 16 Klerksdorp