Getting to know Quentin Meyer

Getting to know Quentin Meyer

 Your DA candidate, Quentin, has been a proud resident of Dorandia for the past 42 years.

He started his career at Aida Properties as an Estate Agent, he has been with Aida Properties for 17 years. He is the Chairperson of Afriforum Noord van die berg and CEO of “Ons sal self”.

He is a proud father of one son, Eduard. He enjoys nature, history, sport and to help people in the community.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of fellow South Africans. I want to make our area great again, I love Pretoria North.” – Quentin Meyer, Ward 2 DA candidate.


My priorities:

  • I will engage all stakeholders in the ward to work together for a cleaner and safer community where we take responsibility to be actively participating as residents and businesses.
  • I want to establish clear and effective ways of communicating with my residents as far as service delivery issues are concerned.
  • I want to support the poor and vulnerable, for example, to fight for the title deeds for the Wolmer RDP house beneficiaries.

United we can turn things around, but only a vote for the DA can #RescueSA.



Quentin Meyer is a candidate for all residents of Ward 2 Tshwane