Getting to know Nicola Jowell

  • Miquette is your DA candidate and a proud resident of the City for more than 7 years.
  • She studied at Unisa between 1998 and 2015, obtaining Higher Certificates in Art Counselling and HIV/Aids Care & Counselling.
  • Miquette has a Bachelor of Arts in Human & Social Sciences with specialisation in
  • Psychological Counselling Degree.
  • She started her career as a Special Needs Teacher at the Nuwe Hoop School in Pretoria and currently serves as a City of Cape Town PR Councillor.
  • Miquette serves on the Melkbosstrand High School Governing Body and on the Board of Directors for Wild Women Sisterhood of SA.
  • She is happily married to Julien, and they have three children, Phoebe, Chloé and Eric.
  • Miquette has a passion to serve the community by helping to improve people’s lives and fighting for their rights

My Priorities:

  • Service delivery: I will work hard to ensure that service delivery is of the highest standard. Keeping the curbs clean and the parks mowed will keep the ward beautiful and safer. I will be active with oversight in the community and help to resolve issues timeously.
  • Illegal dumping:  I will regularly engage with stakeholders and community-based organisations to ensure that urgent issues like illegal dumping and sewerage problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.
  • Healthcare: There are many senior citizens who are dependent on good healthcare from clinics and other healthcare services. I will frequently visit the old age homes and facilities caring for the aged and frail to establish the needs of the people. I will also do oversight visits at the local clinic to help ensure that the best possible service and care is provided
  • Safety & Security: I have already patrolled with 2 Neighbourhood Watch groups in the community. I will engage and patrol with them regularly, creating an open line of communication so that I am constantly aware of crime related issues. I will do my best to support them in any assistance they may need from the City to make this community safer.

A candidate for all ward 5 residents