Kebby’s R8 million strong-arm for MKMVA conference must be probed by AG

About this Article

The DA notes with deep concern the allegations that Deputy Minister of Military Veterans, Kebby Maphatsoe, forced the Departments Director General, to release R8 million for the recent MKVA elective conference after the initial request was rejected because there was no evidence that 637 of the delegates were in fact bona fide military veterans.

The DA will therefore write to the Auditor General, Kimi Makwetu, to request that he institute an urgent investigation into these allegations.

We cannot allow ANC political appointees to continue to abuse their offices to divert public funds for political events. Kebby Maphatsoe is a known Zuma-cheerleader and seems to act with impunity as a result.

Should the AG find that this R8 million was diverted illegally, we will ensure that Maphatsoe is held accountable for this gross abuse of office to the full extent of the law.

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