The DA notes the council decision taken by the City of Cape Town this morning regarding Mayor Patricia De Lille

Issued by Bonginkosi Madikizela – Leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape
15 Feb 2018 in News

We have noted the outcome of today’s vote of no confidence in Mayor Patricia de Lille, a vote the Mayor survived by the narrowest of possible margins.

It is important to also note that the vast majority of DA councillors expressed their lack of confidence in the Mayor and that she has survived in large part due to the support of the ANC and the other smaller opposition parties. 75% of the DA caucus voted in favour of the motion.

This means she in effect is governing without a party mandate. This is a serious undermining of the DA and the values and the electoral mandate which we were given by the people of Cape Town.

This then brings into serious question whether it can be said that the Mayor has the mandate of the electorate which voted for the DA.

The DA had lodged this MONC following an expression by the City caucus that they had lost confidence in the Mayor- an expression which the party could not ignore.

This decision by the caucus followed a number of damning allegation against De Lille pertaining to maladministration and governance failures, not least by an independent council investigation and the Auditor-General.

The Federal Legal Commission’s (FLC) investigation against the Mayor is ongoing and its findings will be communicated in due course.

It is important that the City of Cape Town leadership now gets back to the business of dealing with this unprecedented drought crisis and delivering services to the people of this city. We will ensure that the interests of the people of Cape Town are always put first, and we will do all that is possible to ensure that this happens.