Jeff Radebe owes South Africans an explanation about the nuclear situation at NECSA

Issued by Gwen Ngwenya MP – DA Shadow Minister of Energy
06 Dec 2018 in News

Please find attached a soundbite in English by Gwen Ngwenya MP.

It has come to the DA’s attention that the CEO of Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA), Mr. Phumzile Tshelane, as well as the Chairman of NECSA, Dr. Kelvin Kemm, have allegedly been removed from their positions by the Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe.

I will be writing to the Minister to request that the he confirms these reports and the reasons for their alleged removal.

NECSA is mandated to undertake and promote research and development in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences and technology.

While there have been numerous governance challenges at NECSA, South Africans need to know on what grounds the CEO and chairman have been removed from their positions.

Furthermore, we are concerned that their removal might not be based on the valid grounds outlined in sections 17 and 22 of the Nuclear Energy Act (46 of 1999).

In particular, the Minister needs to answer whether there is a deal with a foreign company involving NECSA/NTP Radioisotopes, from which the Minister stands to financially benefit – or from which he has already benefited.

The DA is determined to ensure that South Africa’s research and development of nuclear energy and technology in South Africa is not once again embroiled in political scandal. Therefore, we urge the Minister to be transparent in his dealings.