Motorists will be fined for not paying e-tolls under Aarto

25 Aug 2019 in News

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Amendment Act (Aarto) which was recently signed into law indicates that operator class vehicles will be fined R500 for every e-toll gantry it passes without paying e-tolls.

This means that the driver will lose one demerit point for a fine of R500.

This law is putting businesses at risk as truck drivers working for small businesses could lose their jobs because their licences will be suspended for three years if the fines are not paid.

During the suspension period or while a single enforcement order is in place the driver will not be allowed to renew their vehicle licence disc, driving licence card and professional driving permit.

Motorists driving a light motor vehicle however will not lose any points but will be fined R250 for every gantry it passes without paying e-tolls.

The Act is just another way to force motorist to pay for e-tolls.

The DA has always been against the implementation of e-tolls as this is an unfair burden on the residents of Gauteng who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The task team established by the President is expected to make an announcement soon on the future of the e-tolls.

What is clear is that the residents are not prepared to pay for e-tolls and we cannot have a situation where motorists are fined for something which they were not consulted on in the first place.

The e-toll system must be scrapped before it causes motorists to infringe. If this does not happen then the President should postpone the implementation of Aarto until the e-toll matter is finalised.