All DA political activity paused, and we call for other parties to follow suit

Issued by Ivan Meyer – DA Federal Chairperson
18 Mar 2020 in News

In the face of increasing transmission risk of the Covid-19 virus, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has taken the decision across the country to pause all political activity which involves human-to-human contact or close proximity between people.

This pause, implying the cessation of party events and ground activity, is necessary to protect DA members and activists, and to avoid any chance of transmission of the virus through our work.

Specifically, no door-to-door work will be permitted and no party meetings or gatherings may proceed until further notice and only after reassessment of the situation.

Additionally, DA staff at DA offices are permitted to work remotely, especially if they depend on public transport.

During this time the DA will be fully available and accessible to all South Africans, via telephone, on social media and on our web pages.

The DA continues to support efforts by the national government to stem the spread of the corona virus. Just today DA Leader John Steenhuisen met President Ramaphosa to submit the full suite of DA proposals to confront this pandemic and alleviate South Africans from its disastrous economic effects.

Most notably, the DA calls for a nation-wide four month payment holiday on loans for small and medium businesses – in particular property loans, business loans, and vehicle loans. We also call for a pause in rental payments, or a reduction in rental payments.

We are deeply concerned and bewildered that in this time of strict measures to stem the spread of Covid-19, the ANC has announced a new national door-to-door campaign. This highly reckless decision will put thousands of people at risk of transmission of the virus as ANC officials make direct close contact with residents.

We call today for the ANC to abandon this inexcusable decision, and commit to a pause in political activity too.

South Africa cannot afford for door-to-door political activity to be the reason why coronavirus spreads to new patients.

Equally, all political parties in South Africa ought to immediately pause all direct contact activities, or human-to-human interfaces. We call on all parties to follow suit.

The health and safety of all South Africans is paramount and we can not gamble with it.