Welcome to Cape Town, Mr President, the best-run city in South Africa

Issued by Geordin Hill-Lewis – DA City of Cape Mayoral Candidate
21 Oct 2021 in News

Today the leader of the party that runs every single broken, collapsing, corrupt, chaotic town and city in South Africa came to Cape Town to lecture the residents of a city that works – simply because it is governed by the DA. This is the city he chooses to live in himself, because he wants for himself that which his own party cannot deliver to others.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign swing in Cape Town today shows the ANC’s determination to win back power in Cape Town. The ANC is pouring whatever resources they have into getting back into power in Cape Town.

That would be a disaster for the residents of the Mother City. Regardless of Ramaphosa’s desperate attacks on the DA today, everyone knows that Cape Town is the best-run city in South Africa, confirmed by every independent metric – including those from Ramaphosa’s own national government.

In these final days before the election, we will do whatever it takes to protect the residents of Cape Town from the disaster of an ANC return to power here.

The people of Cape Town remember what life was like under the previous ANC government. Cape Town was on the same road to ruin as every other ANC-run city and town. Corruption flourished, services collapsed, and crime surged when the ANC held power in Cape Town. Capetonians also know that our city only started making progress once they voted the ANC out and united behind the DA.

This election is a two-horse race in Cape Town between the ANC and the DA, because only the DA is big and strong enough to keep the ANC out. That is why the ANC is banking on the help of various small parties to act like Trojan Horses by opening the door to an ANC-EFF coalition.

Cape Town has come too far for us to play with fire in this election. If we allow the small party Trojan Horses to smuggle the ANC back into power, Cape Town will go the same way as every ANC-governed city. The only way to keep this collapse from reaching Cape Town, is for voters to unite behind the DA on 1 November.

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