This is how the DA Bill will seek to de-regulate the fuel sector

Issued by Kevin Mileham MP – DA Shadow Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy
06 Jun 2022 in News

Please find an attached soundbite by Kevin Mileham MP 

Due to the negative impact that fuel price increases have had on South Africans, the DA has started working on a new Private Members Bill (PMB) that will de-regulate the fuel sector to protect consumers against exorbitant fuel prices.

This Bill is just one of the ways the DA is fighting for every South African who is struggling to make ends meet.

The DA’s draft Bill will primarily seek to amend the Petroleum Products Act, in particular the provisions contained in section 2,  which the ANC government has used to stifle competition by mandating petrol prices across the country.

The DA will also ensure that the Competition Commission will  keep a close eye on the market and to ensure that price gouging does not occur, particularly in rural and small towns where competition may not be fully developed. This will ensure that in regions where competition may be low, fuel prices may not exceed an unreasonably high level.

When the industry is de-regulated, competition among wholesalers and retailers will be increased. This should result in lower pricing at the pump as retailers will be allowed to compete on price to attract customers, which would be a great relief for South African motorists.

The DA will, in due time, ask the public to give their inputs and suggestions on our Bill. We know that South Africans are paying significantly more for fuel than they should.

This Bill demonstrates the DA’s commitment towards South Africans who are already struggling to make ends meet due to high food and basic necessities costs.