DA Youth launches NYDA anti-corruption reporting e-mail address

Issued by Nicholas Nyati – DA Youth Interim Federal Leader
05 Sep 2022 in News

Note to Editors: Please find attached soundbite by Nicholas Nyati.

Since the launch of our petition to scrap the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), the DA Youth has been inundated with calls and texts by individuals, reporting various illegal activities within the NYDA.

The damning allegations before us prove exactly what we have been alleging all along, namely that the agency is a hollow and rotten institution that is incapable of directing youth policy in this country.

The prima facie evidence before us ranges from gross flouting of PFMA processes in the awarding of leasing contracts; the changing of organisational organograms without following proper processes; nepotism; theft of grant applicants’ proposals; and illegal recruitment processes of executives.

The DA Youth is putting together a dossier to lay criminal charges with the relevant authorities.

The DA invites anyone with further evidence of corruption and wrongdoing within the agency to report it to: youthchairperson@da.org.za and youthadministration@da.org.za.

We assure all contributors that their identities will be strictly protected.