DA takes legal action against cadre deployment in Knysna

Issued by Dr Dion George MP – DA Constituency Head, Knysna
11 Oct 2022 in News

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The DA in Knysna has today sent a legal demand to the acting municipal manager of Knysna to immediately rescind the illegal appointments of political cronies in the Knysna Municipality. Please find the letter here.

After ousting the DA-led coalition government in Knysna over a month ago, the ANC/PA/EFF/PBI Coalition of Corruption wasted no time in making several political appointments without any due process, at an unbudgeted cost of R3 million per annum.

As promised, the DA will not stand by as the ANC/PA/EFF/PBI Coalition of Corruption destroys Knysna.

If the municipal manager does not withdraw these illegal appointments, the matter will be going to court.