Freedom Front Plus protects alleged criminal corruption in Abaqulusi

Issued by Dean Macpherson, MP – DA KZN Chairperson
17 Nov 2022 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu-Natal is alarmed by the outcome of today’s council meeting in the Abaqulusi Municipality (Vryheid), where the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) voted to protect alleged corruption and wasteful spending committed by the IFP Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

At the council meeting, a full Special Ethics Committee Report (view here) was tabled to be deliberated on by parties represented in the municipality. The report makes very serious findings against the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, including:


– Wasteful expenditure of R513 063.00 by using an extra VIP protection guard and backup vehicle, in contravention of COGTA regulations;

– No threat analysis or permission for this expenditure was ever sought from council or the Speaker of Abaqulusi Municipality; and

– Wasteful expenditure on renting a mayoral vehicle (Toyota Prado) at a cost to taxpayers of R281 551.00.

Deputy Mayor:

– Unauthorised expenditure of R103 500.00 on VIP security where no threat analysis was conducted; and

– Wasteful expenditure on renting a mayoral vehicle (Toyota Fortuner) at a cost of R187 489.00.

The report recommended that the a full forensic investigation be carried out by investigators into these matters, as there may very well be criminal cases to answer.

Instead of voting in favour of the report along with the DA, the FF+ voted with the IFP to defend this alleged corruption and shelve the report. The FF+’s collaboration in shielding this alleged corruption led to a deadlock in council, which enabled the IFP Speaker to cast the deciding vote to block the report.

The DA is appalled by this behaviour. It is clear that the FF+ is now complicit in this alleged corruption perpetrated against the people of Abaqulusi. We will be exploring remedial steps. The DA will be meeting with the IFP regarding thisl conduct at a technical task team meeting taking place on 18 November 2022