Mbalula’s R3 million loan exposes corrupt ANC-NLC ties

Issued by Dean Macpherson MP – DA Shadow Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition
27 Jun 2023 in News
  • The revelation of a R3 million loan from the wife of the former NLC chief operating officer to Fikile Mbalula confirms suspicions of a corrupt relationship between the ANC and the NLC.
  • This connection highlights how ANC members and government ministers have financially benefited from a public entity meant to assist the disadvantaged.
  • The DA vows to uncover the extent of this corruption, demand answers, and continue fighting for a transparent and accountable government in South Africa.

Please find attached a soundbite by Dean Macpherson MP.

The recent revelations regarding the former National Lotteries Commission’s (NLC) chief operating officer’s wife loaning R3 million to then-sports minister, now Secretary General of the ANC, Fikile Mbalula confirm what we have long suspected: the ANC and the NLC are not merely bystanders in each other’s affairs.

This link clearly demonstrates how ANC members and government ministers have directly benefited financially from the NLC, a public entity established to provide aid to the disadvantaged.

These findings present the long-suspected smoking gun, exposing a deeply entrenched corrupt relationship between the ANC and NLC benefactors. The full extent and complexity of this network remain uncertain. We must now question the depth of this issue and who else within ANC leadership has received such undeserved favors, and to what extent?

This intricate web of interactions serves as irrefutable evidence of an ongoing deceitful scheme. It seems that the ANC is perpetuating a new form of state capture, one that is less overt but equally insidious. The continued betrayal of trust by the ANC is both disheartening and alarming to the South African public.

Of particular concern is Mr. Mbalula’s involvement. It is alarming that he failed to declare this significant loan to Parliament, as required. The public demands answers: What were the terms of this loan? Did he fully understand the implications of his actions? Was he aware of the loan’s origin? Has he repaid the loan, and if so, was there a preferential interest rate involved, constituting a taxable benefit?

The DA refuses to remain silent in the face of such deceit. We will write to the Secretary General of the ANC, posing these crucial questions and demanding answers.

Our mission is clear: to expose this deception, to uncover the depth of this network, and to ensure that justice prevails. We are committed to a transparent and accountable South Africa, free from the pervasive corruption that has seemingly become the norm under the ANC’s leadership.

We reiterate our dedication to safeguarding the interests of the South African people against a government more concerned with personal gain than the well-being of its citizens. The DA will continue to fight against the erosion of trust, transparency, and accountability within our country’s leadership.

The actions of the ANC have severely shattered South Africans’ faith in their government. Rest assured, the DA will not let you down.

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