Cape Town Studios and Netflix collaboration is the DA difference in action

Issued by Jan de Villiers MP – DA Shadow Minister of Small Business Development
20 Sep 2023 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the news that Netflix has greenlit a second season of “One Piece”, a series adapted from a prominent Japanese graphic novel franchise, and which has topped global viewership charts for two weeks running.

This is not just a victory for the South African film industry, but it underscores the DA’s proactive governance in the Western Cape. The production of “One Piece” not only took place at the Wesgro-backed Cape Town Film Studios but leveraged local talent, including actors, stunt performers, and production crews, and thereby created a considerable economic uptick in the region.

During the first season’s production, a notable portion of the project’s budget circulated within the local economy, aiding small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) significantly. Netflix reported expenditures nearing R1 billion on 625 local suppliers, predominantly SMMEs. This is part of a broader investment strategy where Netflix has injected nearly R2.4 billion into South African productions, along with a dedicated R40 million to foster the growth of the local movie industry.

This Netflix venture mirrors the wider investment strategy in the sub-Saharan region between 2016 and 2022, where 71% of funds were allocated to South Africa, equating to R2.3 billion. A substantial segment, R900 million, was directed towards SMMEs, which generated over 7,000 jobs and contributed R600 million to SARS.

The DA-led Cape Town is evidently at the forefront in attracting international partners, facilitating connections with local small businesses, and aiding SMMEs through marketing support and industry networking opportunities. This engagement promotes a healthy economic ecosystem in the Western Cape, which has fostered information exchange and encouraged growth.

The small business sector is at the heart of not only the Western Cape’s economy, but the national economy as well. As we anticipate the Multi-Party Charter taking the reins after the 2024 national elections, entrepreneurs can be assured that the proactive governance model showcased in the Western Cape will underline our commitment to fostering a nurturing habitat for SMMEs across South Africa.

The DA-led Western Cape is a living testament to the potential of SMMEs to flourish in an environment where the government cultivates an economic climate that attracts industry giants like Netflix. By then stepping back and allowing the business sector to operate at its full capacity without interference, it fosters job creation and propels economic growth, thereby showcasing the essence of adept governance that underpins the DA’s commitment to a business-friendly environment.