ANC is attempting to use the Tourism White Paper as an opportunity for more control

Issued by Manny de Freitas MP – DA Shadow Minister of Tourism
16 Oct 2023 in News

Note to editors: Please find attached soundbite by Manny de Freitas MP

As South Africa faces an increasingly shrinking economy and the continued loss of jobs, the government should be using tourism as an “easy win” to change this trajectory. The Tourism White Paper process is an opportunity to meet this exact objective. Instead, true to ANC style, control and outdated ideology is what is shown to be their priority, and not economic growth and job creation.

The White Paper will threaten opportunities for small-scale tourism entrepreneurs by attempting to regulate those who wish to earn extra income by renting out rooms, cottages or any space that can be made available to tourists. The National Department of Tourism (NDT) will aim to give Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille additional dangerous powers to specify certain “thresholds” for the renting out of properties, as well as the number of nights a customer can book.

The NDT plans to add another new layer of red tape by introducing a registration system that will require the inspection of properties. This is ludicrous considering that the NDT is unable to undertake the very basics such as building tourist attractions. Someone who rents out a single room for a small additional income can simply not be treated the same as a hotel or an operator who buys multiple rental properties.

The supply of small-scale tourist accommodation is a prime example of how extra income can be generated by individuals to counter the continued and growing cost of living whilst simultaneously growing the economy. Such small-scale accommodation suppliers provide tourists and travelers accommodation who would not be able to afford to stay in a hotel or resort. This in turn means that there is a potential for additional tourists to visit our shores as such stays make it more affordable.

I will be writing to Minister De Lille, asking her to explain what the intentions of her department and herself are when it comes to this matter considering that tourism is an “easy win” to assist in the growth of personal wealth and the growth of our economy and not an opportunity for more control and restrictions.

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