DA launches 2024 voter registration campaign to Rescue South Africa

Issued by John Steenhuisen MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
02 Oct 2023 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by John Steenhuisen MP.

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Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) launched its 2024 Voter Registration Campaign along Bree Street in the Johannesburg CBD where we flighted the first of our registration posters and unveiled our registration slogan: “Register to Rescue SA”. We chose this location in particular because no other city so appropriately, and so tragically symbolises the state of rubble, smoke, and debris that South Africa has been reduced to after nearly 30 years of ruinous and explosive corruption under the ANC.

The 2024 General Election will be a hinge of history moment for South Africa as our country prepares to take to the polls to make the most important decision in our post-democratic history. 2024 offers us a last chance to rescue South Africa from the tight grip of the ANC’s criminal state and pull our country back from the brink of state failure and the complete collapse of the South African democratic dream. In 1994 we voted for freedom. In 2024 we will vote to rescue South Africa from crime, corruption, and unemployment, and ultimately to ensure our country’s survival.

The ANC will stay in power if opposition voters do not register to vote. In the 2021 Local Government Elections, the ANC lost, for the very first time, its national majority. As millions of voters turned their back on the ruling party, the ANC’s support dropped to just 46%. At the same time, recent polling by Rapport and City Press newspapers has indicated that the DA is only 11 percentage points behind the ANC. This demonstrates just how close the DA is coming to overtaking the ANC and becoming the largest single party in South Africa.

The only way we can Rescue South Africa is if we register to vote. Citizens have the power to rescue our country from load-shedding, from crime, and even from exploding streets in our cities. Some 14 million South Africans are not registered to vote, and our future depends on every single citizen standing up and registering to Rescue South Africa.

In 2024, you will only be able to vote where you are registered, so every citizen must make sure they are correctly registered to vote in 2024. We urge all citizens to check their voter registration by going to check.da.org.za to ensure that they are correctly registered. You will only be able to cast your vote in 2024 if you are registered at the correct voting station.

The Democratic Alliance stands ready to form the core of a new majority. The DA is the only party big enough to challenge the ANC, the only party with a proven track record of clean and effective governance across the country, and the only party with a suite of sound policy alternatives to change South Africa’s trajectory for the better. Where the DA governs, we are making progress to end load shedding, create jobs, reduce crime, and deliver basic services to all South Africans. If every DA supporter registers to vote, we can rescue South Africa.

The citizens of South Africa must take up their power at this historic juncture for our country by registering to vote. Registering to vote can prevent an ANC/EFF coalition of corruption in 2024 and can usher in a new political majority founded on the values of non-racialism, constitutionalism, and respect for the rule of law, the building of a capable state free from corruption, and a social market economy to create jobs.

The stakes have never been higher. Your vote is your voice and it matters. Not only to you but to everyone in South Africa and the future longevity of our country. It is our responsibility to future generations to do whatever we can, right now, to register to Rescue South Africa.