DA narrowing gap with ANC: Successful voter registration drive marks the start of the mission to rescue South Africa

Issued by Greg Krumbock MP – DA Election 2024 Campaign Manager
22 Nov 2023 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Greg Krumbock MP.

The DA has made further significant strides in closing the gap between our party and the ANC during this past registration weekend. Our internal polling, in line with external polls, already confirms that we are now just 7 points behind the ANC, with the DA securing 32% and the ANC at 39% support from all registered voters.

The registration weekend was a resounding success, and we are extremely pleased with the results achieved thus far. However, we recognise that there is still much work to be done.

This weekend marks the beginning of our mission to rescue South Africa from the pressing issues of crime, corruption, and unemployment.

Our party is grateful for the overwhelming support from our supporters and citizens committed to positive change. This registration success would have been impossible without their dedication. The DA believes that we have dominated the online registrations and across the country. Our presence was felt while our opponents were few and far between.

As voting stations opened across South Africa, the DA was out in force, urging citizens to register and be a part of the change our nation so desperately needs. The future of our country lies in their hands.

With approximately 14 million unregistered voters, the success of South Africa hinges on each citizen taking a stand and participating in the electoral process.

We anticipate that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) will update the voters’ roll in due course, and once merged with our internal IT system, we will be able to gauge the full extent of our strength during this registration weekend. We believe that we have not only met but exceeded our stretch targets, tuning the voters’ roll decisively in a blue direction.

The DA remains committed to being the core of a new majority, equipped to rescue the country from the challenges it faces. Our party’s policies, plans, and proven track record demonstrate our ability to address issues such as load-shedding, job creation, crime reduction, and the delivery of essential services.

The upcoming 2024 Election is pivotal, and we urge every eligible voter to ensure their correct registration and exercise their right to vote. The DA will continue to encourage citizens to register as we work tirelessly towards the goal of a better South Africa for all.

Be part of the mission to rescue South Africa, get help registering to vote at check.da.org.za