DA condemns Minister Patel’s hasty scrap metal ban extension, demands transparency on real motivations

Issued by Darren Bergman MP – DA Shadow Deputy of Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition
13 Dec 2023 in News

The DA strongly condemns the recent extension of the ban on ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap metal exports by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ebrahim Patel. This decision, coupled with the manner in which it was communicated, raises serious concerns about the political motivations behind the ban.

The Minister’s decision to invite interested parties to a consultative forum with only 24 hours’ notice is not only disrespectful but indicative of an apparent intention to rush through this ban without due consideration. Such a hasty approach suggests that the Minister is pursuing this agenda for reasons beyond addressing crime concerns.

The DA once again challenges Minister Patel to be transparent with the industry and the public, urging him to reveal the true motives behind this ban. It is imperative that the Minister provides a clear and honest account of the objectives he seeks to achieve through the extension.

This move comes as a second formal objection by the DA to the continuation of the ban, highlighting the party’s unwavering commitment to fostering a fair and informed decision-making process. Despite the Minister’s claims of reducing crime, our engagements with portfolio committees reveal that the ban has not yielded the intended results. Municipalities continue to grapple with theft, and state-owned entities, such as Transnet, face increased security costs.

At a time when job losses are a looming threat, as seen in the recent announcement of potential job losses at ArcelorMittal, the extension of the ban exacerbates the economic challenges facing our country. The DA calls on Minister Patel to consider rescinding the ban for the Christmas period and the remainder of the financial year. This approach will allow for a comprehensive and data-driven assessment of the ban’s impact on the economy and job market, facilitating more informed decision-making.

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