Deputy Minister Dipuo Peters Must be Fired!

Issued by Jan de Villiers MP – DA Shadow Minister of Small Business Development
03 Mar 2024 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Jan de Villiers MP.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the Presidency’s suspension of the Deputy Minister of Small Business Development, and former Minister of Transport, Ms. Dipuo Peters. Her suspension follows the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interests’ probe into her well-documented misconduct.

Deputy Minister Peters, throughout her tenure within the State Capture Cabinet under former President Zuma, exhibited gross negligence in her duties. Among other things, she failed to appoint a chief executive for Prasa and unwarrantedly dismissed the entity’s board, who had uncovered R14 billion in financial irregularities. Her actions, which the High Court found to be irrational and unlawful, also obstructed crucial investigations. Moreover, the now Deputy Minister failed to address the serious allegations regarding the diversion of R79 million from Prasa to the ANC. She also blatantly abused her position and access to resources to provide Prasa buses for ANC events in 2014 and 2015, without proper reparation.

These are but some of the allegations levelled against the Deputy Minister.

Her mere suspension is insufficient given her deep entanglement in state capture activities. As ministers serve at the President’s discretion without the need for a procedural hearing, her continued presence in office following a clear breach of ethical standards is indefensible.

Despite repeated assurances in various State of the Nation Addresses that corruption is being combated, and that State Capture perpetrators are being dealt with, the President’s inaction regarding compromised corruption tainted cadres contradicts his proclaimed commitment to integrity.

The President’s reluctance to decisively manage his cabinet is evidence of a broader leadership crisis within the ANC. The DA will urgently write to the Presidency and demand the President to revise his decision from suspension to removal to reflect the necessary accountability.

If the President continues to fail to act against corruption the only rightful departure out of this mess is for South Africans to fire him on the 29th of May.