Women and children are the largest victims of GBV-related crimes committed by SAPS officers in Q2 of 2023/24

Issued by Okkie Terblanche MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Police
13 Mar 2024 in News

On 8 March 2024, while the rest of the world celebrated International Women’s Day, 4 women were murdered and 66 were violently assaulted in South Africa. This is according to a report submitted to the Portfolio Committee on Police earlier today.

It was also revealed to the Committee that between April and September last year, 165 SAPS members – the very officers who are charged with keeping us all safe and secure – were identified as alleged perpetrators of domestic violence themselves.

According to the Civilian Secretariat for Police (CSPS), some 84 firearms (79 of which were SAPS-issued) were seized from these members following the allegations.

The report confirms what the DA has been highlighting for years, that women and children are not safe in this country under an ANC government. During the final three months of 2023, 285 children and 1,135 women were murdered, and 18,474 women and 2,281 children were violently assaulted. A clear indication that criminals have no fear of repercussion or prison due to the ineffectiveness of our SAPS.

Bheki Cele has continued to show he is incompetent to manage policing in South Africa. He remains in this position for one simple reason, the ANC simply does not care about the safety and security of its citizens. It will only be through the ballot on 29 May 2024, that Cele and every other inept minister will be removed from power. Under a DA government, which will be a caring government, will ensure that:

  • Police functions are devolved to capable provinces and local governments to effectively fight crime and protect citizens;
  • The SAPS’ bloated senior management is reduced, freeing up resources for more recruits and increased procurement for essential equipment;
  • Promotions are only given on merit;
  • Lifestyle audits are conducted for all senior police management; and
  • Through public-private partnerships, the whole of our society, including private security and neighbourhood watches, are included in the fight against crime.

The DA will not accept the mediocrity of the ANC in managing the SAPS and will be submitting questions to the Minister to find out whether each of these 165 officers has been fired and charged, and if not, how does the Minister justify continuing to employ persons who are meant to protect women and children from domestic abuse, not cause it.