Zizi Kodwa must address corruption allegations and stop deflecting

Issued by Solly Malatsi MP – DA National Spokesperson
07 May 2024 in News

Please find attached a soundbite by Solly Malatsi MP.

The DA notes Minister Zizi Kodwa’s flimsy response to our recent political advertisement.

Our ad serves as a glaring reminder of the bleak future awaiting South Africa if the DA isn’t elected.

It’s a stark warning against the looming disaster of a Doomsday Coalition involving the ANC, the EFF, and other parties.

In just 22 days, South Africa makes a crucial decision in the upcoming election. The choice is stark: either resuscitate our South African dream to life or watch it suffocate under the weight of corruption.

There is no coming back from the chaos and collapse that will unfold under a possible ANC/EFF/MK coalition of corruption.

It’s utterly telling that Minister Kodwa opted to attack our ad instead of addressing the pressing issues at hand.

His feeble attempt to divert attention by dragging in irrelevant legal matters is a transparent and desperate ploy.

Let’s not forget that Minister Kodwa himself is currently embroiled in serious corruption allegations, including charges related to a R1.6 million bribe.

We categorically reject any insinuation that our ad stokes division or hysteria. Quite the contrary, it’s a clarion call for all South Africans to make an informed choice at the ballot box.