Good progress at City, Garden Cities’ R74m Greenville Phase 3 housing project

14 Oct 2020 in Where We Govern

Work has been progressing well at the City of Cape Town and its partner Garden Cities’s R74 million housing project near Durbanville. Thus far, 1 441 beneficiaries have received homes in the three phases of the project. The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councillor Malusi Booi, with other dignitaries conducted a site visit today, 14 October 2020, to check on the overall progress.

The Greenville project is a partnership between the City’s Human Settlements Directorate, the Western Cape Government’s Department of Human Settlements and developer, Garden Cities.

Thus far, 1 441 beneficiaries have received homes in the three phases of the project, with the current phase 3, being the last of the phases. Phase 1 and 2 had a combined cost of R247 million and Phase 2 was completed in August 2020. The Greenville development forms part of a greater catalytic housing development, which will eventually boast approximately 4 000 BNG housing opportunities, social housing, financed linked houses and commercial opportunities.

‘Although we’ll continue to hand over new housing opportunities to beneficiaries over the coming months, we recognise that we need new ways to deliver human settlement opportunities and greater partnerships to address the housing demand. A radical reform of the housing environment is required as the City, as a local government on its own, cannot solely be responsible for the housing challenges and impact from urbanisation. This type of project that is based on partnership and innovation is absolutely a firm step in the right direction to deliver more affordable housing opportunities that are well located. We need to look at all our options for greater and more diverse delivery methods, while protecting the projects and plans that we have in place from the impacts of illegal occupation and national budget cuts. We have developed a draft Human Settlements Strategy that sets out the challenge and proposes a way forward to enable the delivery of more opportunities. We encourage all residents to look at the strategy that is out for public participation and to comment on it because we are all in this together,’ said Councillor Booi.

Greenville Phase 3 uses Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) such as the Benex Block, which was brought to South Africa by Garden Cities from Australia.

The Benex Block is a lightweight block, thermal efficient and easy to use during construction. Due to the easy installation, Garden Cities is able to use skilled and unskilled labour from the community.