Clean-up project to save wetland

10 May 2022 in Where We Govern

Ordinary residents and environmentalists embarked on a clean-up project for the Riebeeck Lake in an effort to reduce the pollutants endangering the environment.

Wendy de Klerk, Environmental Manager and coordinator of the clean-up on Saturday May 8 said certain precincts in Randfontein were threatened by human activity that could potentially harm wildlife and humans.

“For many years I’ve been concerned about the Riebeeck Lake and the Bird Sanctuary environments because there’s so much dumping and littering, and all the drains get blocked. The other problem is that when they cut the weeds and grass they don’t dispose of it properly,” Wendy explained.

She added that dumping in undesignated areas can release micro plastics, which are a threat to the environment as they end up in water sources in Krugersdorp, Magaliesburg and Hartbeespoort.

Executive Mayor of the Rand West District Municipality (WRDM), Councillor Hullet Hild urged residents of Rand West City always to make sure they dispose of and manage waste correctly by using the designated dumping site for what it is intended.

The Mayor, however, admitted that people were reluctant to go to the dumping site as the road leading into the site was undrivable and people were intimidated and felt threatened by the presence of waster pickers at the site, therefore they resorted to dumping in other places.

“Part of the solution is that we sort out the dumping site and make sure it is easily accessible. While we’re busy with that we can provide a small drop-off station with a ramp for people to drive onto and discard of the rubbish,” Hullet said.

He added that children usually were sent to discard rubbish in the skip bins but because they could not reach the top they leave it next to the bins. There are five such skip bins around Randfontein.

“We should also know that the municipality is not there to clean after us – we as the community should take ownership of how we manage waste,” Hullet said.

Wendy thanked the following sponsors for the day:

Truter, Crous & Wiggill; Oasis Water; NWK Koöperasie; Randgate Pharmacy; Butterfield Bakery; Tambotie Mall; and RWCLM.

“We would also like to thank the WRDM Major Hullet Hild; Mr RandfonteinMrs Curve Randfontein; MMC for Integrated Environmental and Water Management, Nozipho Mapena; all the ward councillors; Cornerstone Church; and members of the public who were there to support us in our efforts,” Wendy said.