Everything Cape Town does is focused on growing the economy so that more people can work

01 May 2022 in Where We Govern

On Sunday, 01 May the world marks Workers’ Day.

With more than 10 million South Africans unemployed, it is difficult to truly celebrate this holiday. South Africa needs a government that is dedicated to creating the conditions necessary for faster economic growth – so that more people can be lifted out of poverty and into work.

With the majority of the unemployed in South Africa young people under 35, this boundless potential, fresh ideas and entrepreneurial spirit remains untapped. I truly believe that our country’s future lies in the hands of this generation, but governments must create the environment for them to progress.

Everything we do in Cape Town will be focused on this higher purpose. It is at the heart of our every action.

Through ending load-shedding in Cape Town over time, investing in much greater infrastructure spending, creating safer communities through additional boots on the ground and equipment, we are confident we can unlock the necessary job creation opportunity to give residents hope for the future.

As public servants, it is our duty to ensure that we do everything we can to create the environment for job creation. Here in Cape Town there is reason to feel hopeful about South Africa’s future. We are working hard to grow the economy faster.

“Happy Workers’ Day” to all who have the privilege and dignity of work, and to all of those who will have work in the years ahead because of our commitment to grow the economy.