Cape Agulhas Safety Plan

26 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern
The Executive Mayor of Cape Agulhas Paul Swart explained that the Safety Plan will guide us in terms of our crime prevention interventions.

“As the Executive Mayor of Cape Agulhas Municipality, it is imperative that I secure the safety of our community and visitors alike. A safe society impacts positively on our local economic development and tourism as it causes an influx of visitors to our local towns and many businesses can flourish as a result. Safety in Cape Agulhas is not negotiable, Individuals cannot reach their potential and take advantage of opportunities if they live in fear. When we constrain individuals in pursuing their life goals, we are constraining the well-being of communities. Personal safety is a prerequisite for creating an environment in which Cape Agulhas can thrive”, said Mayor Swart.

Mayor Swart added, “Cape Agulhas Municipality acknowledges that economic disempowerment and social exclusion have left many South Africans without access to opportunities to improve their lives, including proper education and access to employment. This limits choice and can be a contributing factor in a decision to turn to crime. The economic and social motivations contributing to crime must be acknowledged and properly addressed. At the same time, however, containing crime requires the creation of a culture in which there is a general respect for the rule of law and an understanding, and that there will be consequences for breaking it. Safety is not a mandate of the Municipality; however, I believe it is important to collaborate with external stakeholders such as SAPS , Private Security Companies and Police Forums – to mention a few, – to fight crime in our community.”
Reflecting on the crime statistic that my office receives monthly from SAPS, Mayor Swart said: “It concerns me that crime increases daily because of drug abuse. Communities in Cape Agulhas need to hold hands with law authorities in ensuring that our children grow in safer communities. Safety in our communities shouldn’t be a tick box exercise, rather prioritised because we can’t grow our municipality economically if there is crime”.

We know that crime/vandalism free society is absolutely critical in ensuring effective service delivery. Church leaders should play a vital role in assisting us fighting social ills in our communities. As set out in the Cape Agulhas Safety Plan, the Safety of our neighborhood watches, volunteers and safety ambassadors need to be looked after in ensuring that they are well equipped. “The Safety Plan further clearly states that this will be achieved by using an integrated approach to work together to combat crime, by so doing we need to build on community participation” added the Mayor.