Enforcement patrols leads to high number of drug related arrests

29 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern

The City’s Traffic Service, Law Enforcement and Metro Police officers arrested 312 suspects and issued 71 163  fines during enforcement patrols in the past week. Metro Police and Law Enforcement officers arrested 141 suspects for the possession of or dealing in drugs.

During weekly patrols, Metro Police officers arrested 99 suspects of which 47 were drug related. Officers also issued 4239 fines. Below are some of the arrests made on drug related charges.

Metro Police officers conducted crime prevention patrols in the Simon’s Town Area on Sunday 28 August 2022 and arrested two suspects on drug related charges. The suspects were found in possession of three quarter Mandrax tablets and one Tik straw. Both suspects, aged 37 and 40, were detained at Simons Town South African Police Service (SAPS).

On the same day officers were busy with enforcement  patrols in Grassy Park when they arrested three suspects on drug related charges. The three suspects, aged 29, 31 and 36 were  found in possession of crushed Mandrax tablets and detained at Grassy Park SAPS.

Officers also conducted enforcement patrols on Friday, 26 August 2022 with SAPS and other enforcement agencies in  Hangberg, Houtbay where they found a large amount of dagga at an address in Karbonkel Road. Officers found 254 bankies dagga, 173 dagga stoppe, one bag of dagga weighing 200 grams and 25 bankies compressed Dagga. A member of the metal theft unit also pointed out 6m aluminium cable, 9m copper cable, and 2,8 kg mixed copper which was suspected as stolen. A 34-year-old suspect, who is also the owner of the house admitted to dealing in drugs. He was placed under arrest for dealing in and possession of dagga and possession of stolen property and detained at Hout Bay SAPS.

In addition, officers patrolling Watt Court, Lentegeur, arrested a 32-year-old suspect after he was found in possession of six whole Mandrax tablets. He was detained at Lentegeur SAPS.


Officers conducted 567 enforcement operations during the past week and arrested 166 suspects. Law Enforcement Advancement Plan officers accounted for 113 of the total suspects arrested. Of the arrests made, 94 were drug related. Law Enforcement officers also issued 4676 fines.

On Saturday, 27 August 2022, Law Enforcement Auxiliary officers followed up on a complaint of blue refuse bags being sold on the corner of Jakes Gerwel and Klipfontein Roads. As the officers approached they saw two men selling the City bags. One man was arrested and the other ran right into an officer in his haste to get away. Each suspect was in possession of two packs of 50 bags. They were arrested and taken to Manenberg Police Station.


The City’s Traffic Service arrested 57 suspects and issued 62 248 fines. Officers also impounded 152 public transport vehicles and executed 1662 warrants of arrest. Of the arrests made 41 were for driving under the influence of alcohol and 16 for reckless and negligent driving. The highest speeding violation recorded was  233 km/h on the N1 between Monte Vista and Giel Basson (120 km/h zone).


The City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre dealt with  1 610 calls this weekend. Medical related calls received were 698 of which 106 were trauma physical assault cases and 14 gunshot related emergency calls.

‘Our enforcement patrols show that the City of Cape Town is committed and effective in crime prevention to create safer communities. Our officers have the resources and assist the South African Police Service to do more but we need the assistance from our community members to inform and share information that could lead to successful arrests or stop a crime before it happens.  We will not allow criminals to rule the streets and community life. With every arrest  made, every illegal firearm and drugs confiscated we have hopefully stopped a crime from being committed. Successful arrests also send out a clear message that officers will not tolerate lawlessness and criminal behaviour,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.