Robot gets fancy UPS

11 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern

Drakenstein Municipality is moving along swiftly with its programme to install Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS equipment at traffic lights to ensure they remain active for as long as possible during Eskom’s load shedding, or when power supply is interrupted due to cable theft or vandalism. “Of the 47 sets of traffic lights in Drakenstein, 17 sets already have UPS assistance,” says Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality. “During the 2022’23 financial year, the Municipality will install 10 additional UPS systems.

We will budget annually for the installation of UPS systems so that all traffic lights in Drakenstein will eventually be UPS equipped.” The R128 million upgrade of Oosbosch Street in Paarl from Berg River Boulevard to Jan van Riebeeck Drive , which was opened in October last year, included the reportedly firsteverinAfrica underground housing of traffic signalling equipment to prevent theft and vandalism. The UPS, batteries, controller and other equipment for the traffic signals are housed in underground chambers. These chambers are equipped with alarms that can detect attempts to gain unauthorised access. To facilitate work on the equipment, the equipment can be hoisted to above ground level to allow user input and maintenance at eye level.

The Municipality has installed this modern underground equipment at four crossings. All future crossings in Drakenstein Municipality, which covers Paarl, Wellington, Mbekweni, Gouda, Saron, Hermon and Simondium, will be fitted with such installations, while existing installations will  be retrofitted with these chambers.

“The smooth, regulated flow of traffic is vital for business, development, tourism and for our local residents commuting, driving their children to and from school, and going about their daily business. Not only does it minimise congestion and mean less time on the road, but it also makes our roads safer and supports lower emissions,” says Poole. “The Municipality is making all efforts to facilitate continuous movement on our roads.” We call on our road users to report all outages and possible vandalism to our tollfree number on 080 131 3553,” he concludes.