New WCG app will make tender processes more efficient

05 Sep 2022 in Where We Govern

The DA in the Western Cape welcomes the announcement by Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, that his department is working on developing an app to provide better access to information regarding government tenders and contracts.

This was announced at the Provincial Department of Human Settlements’ Women in Construction Engagement which took place last week Wednesday. One of the primary concerns that were raised by the women at the event was the lack of access to information related to available tenders and contracts.

This is why this newly proposed app will be groundbreaking. It will not only offer crucial information about contracts and the tendering process but it will also make it simple for individuals to submit their tender applications.

MPP Matlhodi Maseko says: “During the event, many women voiced their concerns about the onerous paperwork that must be submitted during tender processes, which they believe significantly complicates the process given the deadlines. I, therefore, welcome the creation of an app that can possibly make the tendering process easier and more efficient.

The development of this app once again highlights the innovations and responsiveness of the Western Cape Provincial Government to complaints and inputs of the residents.

I will submit parliamentary questions to Minister Simmers seeking additional information about the app, its progress and anticipated launch dates.”