Pinelands North Primary School does the Western Cape proud in the World’s Best School competition

19 Oct 2022 in Where We Govern

Pinelands North Primary School has placed in the top 3 of the World’s Best School Prize, awarded by T4 Education.

In June this year, we celebrated with the school when they were announced as one of the top 10 finalists in the category “Overcoming Adversity”. The school’s inclusive environment, and recognition of their learners’ unique needs and potential, caught the attention of the T4 Education judges.

Another of our excellent schools, West End Primary, was also announced as a top 10 finalist. Pinelands North Primary then proceeded to the top 3, which was announced in September.

We congratulate Project Shelter Wakadogo in Gulu, Uganda, on winning the category’s prize. They have done incredible and inspiring work in difficult social circumstances, transforming lives through education.

While Pinelands North Primary did not make it all the way to first place, it remains a fantastic achievement for our country and for the Western Cape. We congratulate the staff and SGB, learners and parents, and the entire school community.

Premier Alan Winde joined me in congratulating Pinelands North Primary, saying:

“Pinelands North has made the Western Cape and South Africa proud. To have made it to the finals of the Overcoming Adversity category was a huge achievement all by itself. This reflects the hard work of the school’s educators, staff, School Governing Body and learners. I urge the school community to forge ahead and keep up with the good work.”

Ann Morton, Principal of Pinelands North Primary, said:

“The fact that we have made it to the top 3, we’re exceptionally very proud too. We are the top school on South Africa out of 300 000 schools all around the world that entered this competition so we’re very proud to come in the top 3. But a very special congratulations to Project Shelter Wakadogo.”

We cannot wait to see what new heights Pinelands North Primary will achieve!