WCG welcomes historic Sasol, ArcelorMittal green partnership and MoU with Freeport Saldanha Bay IDZ

18 Oct 2022 in Where We Govern

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde and Finance and Economic Opportunities Minister Mireille Wenger welcomed the historic partnership announced today between Sasol and ArcelorMittal SA to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals, as well as green steel development, through supporting the establishment of a green hydrogen (GH2) hub in Saldanha Bay.

The Western Cape Government (WCG) applauds the partnership between these two giants of industry and further welcomes the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Sasol and the SBIDZ, which will bring exciting energy capabilities and commercial opportunities to the province.

“This is an exciting, bold new venture which the Western Cape Government believes will form an important component in our push for green energy,” The Premier said.

He added: “The fact that the agreement includes a project in Saldanha Bay, which is well-placed for GH2 development, has massive potential for numerous reasons namely helping to dig the country out of this energy catastrophe and creating more jobs in critical fields which needs to be fully harnessed.”

Minister Wenger said that: “Building energy resilience is a key priority for the Western Cape, not only because we need to mitigate the effects of load shedding and the resulting economic damage, but also because of the immense potential this sector has to attract investment, grow our regional economy and create jobs.”

“Today, as the country heads back into stage four load shedding, the need for a green, more energy resilient future has never been greater. This is why the partnership between Sasol and ArcelorMittal SA, and the MoU with the SBIDZ, is very welcome,” the Minister added

The Premier said: “Not only will this partnership unlock economic potential in the Western Cape and rest of the country, it will also help cut emissions, enabling the WCG and its partners, including the SBIDZ, to explore new, more responsible pathways.”

Kaashifah Beukes, Freeport Saldanha CEO, said, “Saldanha Bay has a strong strategic fit with Sasol’s ambition to be a leading driver and contributor to the development of SA’s green hydrogen economy. In addition, Freeport Saldanha is a strategic partner for SASOL and AMSA, adding value to their exploration of new markets by bringing together several stakeholders to drive catalytic investments in sustainable industrialisation and product streams.”

In the WCG’s recent international investment drive in the United Kingdom and several European countries, GH2 and its potential came up for discussion repeatedly.

“We need to start laying the foundation for GH2 development locally now to better prepare ourselves for unlocking this in the future,” said the Premier after the ceremony where the joint development agreement was signed.

He added: “Our push for renewable energy has been energised by this agreement. We need more partnerships like this. The WCG is willing and able to help develop this through the enabling business environment we have helped create in our province.”