What action is the DA taking to end cadre deployment corruption?

South Africa has an historic opportunity to end cadre deployment corruption once and for all and get our public service working.  

WATCH: Rot unlike anything you could have imagined

State capture, cadre deployment corruption… we know these things are devastating for South Africa but what do they really mean?

To show how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together, we go back to where the rot of corruption first took hold and unpack how it affects your life today.

In Parliament:

The DA has proposed a new law that will ensure that jobs go to all South Africans (based on merit), and not devoted ANC friends (lacking competency and integrity). It is designed to enforce merit-based appointments throughout the public service while making it illegal for politicians to work in the public administration. This is called the End Cadre Deployment Bill which you can read in full over here.

In court:

At the North Gauteng High Court, the DA has launched unprecedented and historic court action against the ANC to declare it unconstitutional and illegal for them to implement their long-standing policy of cadre deployment corruption in government and wreak havoc with the public service.


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By acting now, we can replace a captured, corrupted, and collapsing state based on cadre deployment with a capable state based on professional, merit-based appointments. And we can build a nation where all South Africans can use their talents to get things done, keep roads pothole-free, the water flowing out of the taps, and the lights on.

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