#VaccineNow: DA legal action to ensure access to the COVID-19 vaccine for all

The DA is taking legal action to force national government to disclose all details pertaining to its vaccine rollout strategy, including the dates and the minutes of meetings with suppliers, and we are lobbying to abolish the centralisation of vaccine acquisition.

Having access to a COVID-19 vaccine is our right

The national government’s failure to provide one or more COVID-19 vaccines timeously when these vaccines are available is:

  • A violation of people’s rights, in terms of Section 27(1) of the Constitution, to have access to healthcare services.
  • A violation of government’s obligation in terms of Section 27(2) to take reasonable measures to achieve the progressive realisation of the right to access healthcare.
  • A violation of the right to life, as enshrined in Section 11 of the Bill of Rights.
  • A violation of Section 1(c) of the Constitution which enshrines the Rule of Law as a fundamental prescript, which requires that decision making be rational.

The DA has written to President Ramaphosa, giving him seven days to explain why, in his view, government has not infringed on these constitutional provisions.

If he fails to do so, the DA will take further legal action, as is our constitutional duty.

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