Defeating the coronavirus together

The DA is working hard to protect everybody’s lives and livelihoods

Where necessary, we have been hard at work approaching the courts and the potential source of much of the relief funding, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to protect our democracy and help every single South African earn a living and get the government relief available to them.

Our court action has helped see:

  • all products sold online (at a time when there was an irrational ban on e-commerce);
  • irrational restrictions, such as the night curfew and limit on exercise hours, lifted in Level 3;
  • the ban on NGOs feeding the desperate and hungry put on hold, and squashed regulations that would have seen those NGOs overwhelmed by paperwork; and
  • salons, such as hairdressers and beauticians, open their doors!

We are currently challenging the discriminatory use of the coronavirus emergency relief fund; and the constitutionality of the aspect of the Disaster Management Act that allows the National Command Council to make decisions as they please, without any checks and balances!

DA Covid-19 FAQs

  • What are the updates to lockdown level 3?
  • What is still off-limits in advanced lockdown level 3?
  • What are the rules for eating at a restaurant?
  • When can my child go back to school?
  • What if I don’t feel comfortable sending my child back to school?
  • When will the matric exams take place?
  • What safety measures at schools, hostels and offices for duration of national state of disaster?
  • When can the “personal care” industry open?
  • What businesses qualify to open as part of the “personal care” industry?
  • What are the Standard Operating Procedures for Formal Salons?
  • Does the DA support the economic lockdown?
  • What strategy does the DA propose for managing Covid-19?
  • Does the DA still support a ‘phased’ smart lockdown?
  • Has the lockdown worked?
  • If the lockdown has failed to get us ready, will opening up not risk lives?
  • Does the DA support the Covid-19 relief efforts which have been put in place?
  • Why does the DA-run Western Cape have the highest infection numbers and Covid-19 deaths in South Africa?
  • What are the DA’s court cases about?
  • What is the DA’s position on the opening of schools?

Six key points you need to know about the current lockdown:

  1. The nation-wide economic lockdown is doing more harm than good and will cost more lives than it can possibly save. It is generating long-term poverty which will reduce South Africa’s life-expectancy and destroy millions of lives. National Treasury estimates unemployment will go up by 30-70% – that means adding between three and seven million MORE people to the millions who were already desperate for work before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  2. South Africa needs to get back to work, but with safety measures in place to slow the spread of the virus. The economic lockdown must end immediately and we must help South Africans go safely back to work with these protocols in place:

    • Roll out wide-spread, randomised testing to identify where the virus is flaring up – then enforce localised lockdowns to contain it.
    • Put protocols for mask-wearing, handwashing and screening in place.
    • Encourage or assist those at high-risk to isolate themselves.
    • Provide a reasonable set of safety regulations for businesses.
  3. The purpose of the economic lockdown was to delay the virus spreading, not to eliminate the virus. Specifically, the purpose was to buy time to gather healthcare resources and prepare hospitals. It is impossible to eliminate the virus. Even if we lock down for a year, the virus will still be there when we go back to work. A peak in cases is INEVITABLE in the coming months.
  4. The South African government is making secretive, irrational decisions that have nothing to do with public safety or the coronavirus. They are treating people like children. They are not justifying their arbitrary rules.
  5. If the government doesn’t end this economic lockdown, people will end it for them. In fact, this is already happening. When rules are irrational, people tend to break them – not because the people are bad, but because the rules are bad. The current lockdown is forcing poor people to choose between going hungry or breaking the law. It is giving them no choice but to break the law.

Breaking the chain of infection

Watch the most recent episode of the CoronaCast

The channel streams live every Tuesday and Friday at 2pm on DA social media accounts. DA Leader John Steenhuisen uses the platform to give updates and answer popular questions.

Frequently asked questions

  • What protocols must be in place at work in Level 3?
  • What goods may I buy in Level 3?
  • How do I protect myself and others?
  • Where are the COVID-19 hotspots?
  • How can I help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Level 3?
  • Is my cleaner or gardener allowed to return to work in Level 3?
  • With the easing of restrictions, what about those who would be at high-risk if they got COVID-19?
  • Can I be evicted in Level 3?
  • May I travel between provinces in Level 3?
  • May I travel to attend a funeral in Level 3?
  • Are the borders sill closed in Level 3?
  • What does lockdown mean?
  • Is there still a curfew?
  • What relief measures are available to me?
  • What power does the army have?
  • Are you allowed to buy alcohol?
  • Do I need permission to leave my home?
  • What do I do if I am stopped or arrested after leaving home?
  • What are my constitutional rights in a state of disaster?
  • Where can I get a coronavirus test for free? I have no medical aid and can’t afford the cost at a laboratory.
  • My local grocery store inflated the price of basic goods during the crisis. What can I do?
  • Is my employer allowed to enforce a “no work, no pay” rule during the lockdown period?
  • Is my employer allowed to require me to submit leave for the duration of the lockdown?
  • I won’t be able to pay wages to my employees this month – will government help me?
  • How do I apply for help from the Unemployment Insurance Fund?
  • Do I still need to pay maintenance to my co-parent, even though the children are living with me for the duration of the lockdown?
  • Am I allowed to attend a funeral?
  • Can my community feeding scheme still feed poor and vulnerable people?
  • How do we report people we know are breaking the rules of the lockdown?
  • If someone purposefully or recklessly transmits the coronavirus, is that a crime?
  • Do I need a permit to perform an essential service?
  • What are the powers of SAPS during a state of disaster?
  • What do I do if the police (or SANDF) stop me while I am outside, and hurt or humiliate me?
  • Can you visit your friends and family?
  • Can you replace your ID now?
  • How many people per car?
  • National Health Act regulations already provide for the forced testing, isolation and quarantine of certain individuals, why do the National Disaster Regulations also provide for this?
  • When can the government declare a national disaster?
  • Must I register my business?
  • What help is there for school learners with their studies?
  • Websites to keep kids entertained during the lockdown
  • Will I be allowed to make a planned international trip?
  • What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?
  • If I am young and healthy, does this mean I shouldn’t worry about the coronavirus?
  • Should I get tested?
  • What does it mean to 'flatten the curve'?
  • Should I wear a mask when I go out in public?
  • What is home screening and how does it work?
  • Can I refuse field workers entry onto my property for home screening?
  • How do I get permission to go to another province in an emergency or for a funeral?
  • How are DA governments intervening to help defeat the coronavirus in our communities
  • JUMP app launched to support businesses in the Western Cape
  • I run a B&B in Cape Town and my business needs help

Coronavirus in the news

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