The DA will bring change that creates order and builds one South Africa for all

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the official opposition and the second largest political party in South Africa. The only party to have grown in every election since 1994, we are working to unite our country to build one South Africa for all. A South Africa of hope, focused on building a better future for all.

The DA received 22.2% of the votes in the National Assembly elections in 2014, and 26.9% in the 2016 local government elections. But, more importantly, we are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs.

“One nation with one future built on freedom, fairness, opportunity, and diversity for all, living together under the Constitution in peace, security and prosperity, with opportunity and recognition for all the rainbow people.”

Our dream for South Africa

Why the DA?

One in four South Africans choose the DA as their political home, find out why

We are united in our diversity

"DA's different because it's a party that represents different South Africans...

Because we all share the same values and the same vision with our white counterparts, including Indians or coloureds – any other South African."