Uncaring ANC government at war with the people

Issued by Mmusi Maimane MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
19 May 2017 in News

I am deeply angered by the actions of the SAPS in Standerton, Mpumalanga, who have gunned down a 14-year old boy. We send our condolences to the family of the young victim. This is a tragedy that should not have happened.  The young child was part of a group of residents who were protesting for the delivery of services and against corrupt municipal officials.

These are the actions of an uncaring ANC government that is at war with the people.

President Jacob Zuma must immediately institute an investigation into this matter. It cannot ever be acceptable that unarmed youth are shot at with live ammunition, while protesting for service delivery and the restoration of their dignity.

The ANC government has no programme of action or vision for South Africa and therefore resorts to criminal and violent action against citizens who demand the “better life for all” that the ANC promised but has failed to deliver.

When Andries Tatane protested for better services, he was gunned down by the ANC government. When the miners in Marikana demanded that their dignity be restored, the ANC government gunned them down. Instead of responding to the needs of communities through dialogue and service delivery, the ANC government sends the police to criminalise the people’s calls for a better South Africa.

South Africa is not safe under an ANC government, and the project of building a better South Africa has completely stalled due to corruption and a visionless leadership.

On behalf of the Democratic Alliance I extend my condolences to the family of the 14-year old boy. May he rest in peace. Robala ka kgotso.