ANC can’t spin the brazen theft of the DA’s election slogan

Issued by Solly Malatsi MP – DA National Spokesperson
10 Jan 2019 in News

The ANC today denied that it stole the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Election slogan, “One South Africa for All”, for its birthday celebrations. The party instead offered a ridiculous explanation stating that it is not possible for the ANC to steal the DA’s election slogan, as we have not yet launched our election campaign. This is rather pathetic even by ANC standards.

The DA would like to save the ANC from further embarrassment and remind them that we did in fact launch our election campaign on 22 September 2018.

We chose the slogan “One South Africa for All” because we are the only party that is still committed to achieving Nelson Mandela’s ideals of a non-racial and inclusive South Africa.

The ANC is the antithesis of “One South Africa for All” and it is pitiful that the governing party would stoop so low as to brazenly stealing another party’s election slogan. The commitment to building this country goes far deeper than simply stealing a slogan. It requires real commitment to effective redress, growing the economy in order to create jobs, creating safe communities and ensuring solid property rights for all South Africans.

These values have become a thing of the past for the ANC.

The ANC’s admission that it is no longer capable of providing leadership to the people of South Africa on key issues only reinforces that only a DA government is really capable of Building One South Africa for all.