Godongwana’s appointment to DBSA proves ANC does not take Zondo Commission seriously

Issued by Alf Lees MP – DA Shadow Minister of Finance
14 Mar 2019 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes that Luthuli House has deployed Enoch Godongwana to the Development Bank of South Africa.

It is a huge blow to the impartiality of the Bank that a deployed cadre of the ANC, who just last week held an ANC press conference at Luthuli House, is now on the board.

Cabinet’s decision to appoint Enoch Godongwana as a Non-executive Director at Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) proves that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “New Dawn” has not amounted to any change. The ANC continues to be a vehicle for corruption, nepotism and cadre deployment.

A key element which enabled State Capture was the appointment of ANC cadres to the boards of state-owned entities (SOE). It would seem this is exactly the way that Godongwana, the head of ANC economic policy, has now been appointed onto the board of the South African Development Bank (DBSA).

Furthermore, Godongwana has been heavily implicated in the Zondo Commission on State Capture by the former Treasury Director General, Lungisa Fuzile.

Yet again, the ANC government has showcased that the “New Dawn” is nothing more than a farce and just a continuation of the ANC’s cadre deployment policy which kills opportunities for those who are not card-carrying members of the governing party.

The appointment of Godongwana to the DBSA clearly shows that the ANC and Ramaphosa do not take the Zondo commission seriously and that the talks of addressing state capture and corruption is just that, talk with no real action.

It also shows that the ANC continues to view SOE’s as a way of rewarding the connected and to continue the looting.

The change that is needed can only be ushered in by a DA national government in the next several weeks on Election Day.