DA urges South Africans to be brave and vote for change

Issued by Solly Malatsi – DA National Spokesperson
08 May 2019 in News

This morning, South Africans have an opportunity to elect a government led by the only party that has a plan to build One South Africa for all. A DA government will ensure that this country is rid of corruption; that we have an honest and professional police service; people have fair access to jobs; services are delivered timeously and that our borders are secure.

All election polls will open at 07:00 am and we encourage each and every registered voter to use this opportunity to cast their vote to bring about change. The DA will have thousands of party agents and observers at voting stations to ensure that every runs smoothly and the integrity of the election result remains intact.

It is important for please to note that you will not be able to vote if you do not have your smart card or the green bar coded South African ID. Those who do have their valid ID books can get a temporary ID at the nearest Home Affairs offices or pop up offices which will be open from 07:00-21:00.

Our country is on the edge of a precipice and a vote for the ANC will only strengthen their mandate to continue looting and relegate millions more South Africans to ranks of the unemployed.

Only the DA is strong enough to beat the ANC, and now is the election to make change that truly Builds One South Africa For All actually happen.

Should South Africans have any queries, they can call the DA’s call center for assistance:

Visit Check.da.org.za to check where you are registered and where your nearest voting station is.

Call 0861 225532 for any voting related queries or WhatsApp 084 000 2019 to chat to any of our agents.